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  Pireps - S7

Рейс SBIS7 173

  • Выполнял: Nikita Merenkov
  • Аэропорт отправления: Domodedovo Airport (UUDD)
  • Аэропорт назначения: Tolmachevo Novosibirsk (UNNT)
  • Тип ВС: B737-800 (VQ-BKV)
  • Время полёта: 04.08
  • Дата полёта: 13.05.2018
  • Маршрут: WT SF1D SF R480 RP R487 OK R834 NOGRI B213 KEROM R834 OL A305 ABITI B926 SZ W1 GOLIM
  • Статус: Одобрен

Детали полёта
Gross Revenue:
(113 load / $ 1,200.00 per unit
$ 135,600.00
Fuel Cost:
(10036 fuel used @ 5.1 / unit)
$ 51,183.60

Дополнительная информация о полёте:


Aircraft Used in flight is PMDG Boeing 737-800 NGX S7
12:21 Boarding
12:21 Navigation Lights ON at 590 AGL
12:21 Brakes are On
12:32 Brakes are Released
12:32 Taxi Lights ON at 590 AGL
12:32 Beacon Lights ON at 590 AGL
12:33 Pushing back
12:34 Engine 2 Started
12:35Flaps 1 Selected at 590ft and 0kts
12:35Flaps 2 Selected at 590ft and 0kts
12:35 Engine 1 Started
12:35Flaps 3 Selected at 590ft and 0kts
12:35Flaps 4 Selected at 590ft and 0kts
12:38 Landing Lights ON at 590 AGL
12:38 Taxi Lights OFF at 590 AGL
12:39 You Took off @ 145 Knots and Flaps at Position 4
Departure Weather
UUDD 130900Z 16002MPS CAVOK 21/05 Q1023 R88/010095 NOSIGrn
12:39 Landing Gear Up @ 165 Knots and 720 Feet
12:40Flaps 3 Selected at 1360ft and 208kts
12:40Flaps 2 Selected at 2930ft and 235kts
12:40Flaps 1 Selected at 3080ft and 236kts
12:41Flaps Retracted at 3390ft and 238kts
12:41 Landing Lights OFF at 5490 AGL
12:58 TOC Reached
13:03 Overspeed
13:03 Recovered from Overspeed
15:10 Overspeed
15:10 Recovered from Overspeed
15:50 Overspeed
15:50 Recovered from Overspeed
16:13 Below 10000 feet you are not allowed to go over 250 knots
16:13 Landing Lights ON at 9620 AGL
16:17Flaps 1 Selected at 3530ft and 245kts
16:17Flaps 2 Selected at 3460ft and 244kts
16:17Flaps 3 Selected at 3420ft and 243kts
16:18Flaps 4 Selected at 3020ft and 212kts
16:18Flaps 5 Selected at 3060ft and 197kts
16:18 Landing Gear Down @ 188 Knots and 3110 Feet
16:19Flaps 6 Selected at 2830ft and 174kts
16:19Flaps 7 Selected at 2770ft and 170kts
16:19Flaps 8 Selected at 2520ft and 157kts
16:22 You Landed @ 112 Knots and with -300 Vertical Speed
Arrival Weather
UNNT 130900Z 18003MPS 9999 -SHRA OVC033CB 07/04 Q1007 R25/290160 R34/290160 NOSIG RMK QFE745/0993rn
16:24 Navigation Lights OFF at 370 AGL
16:24 Navigation Lights ON at 370 AGL
16:24 Landing Lights OFF at 370 AGL
16:24 Taxi Lights ON at 370 AGL
16:25Flaps 7 Selected at 370ft and 15kts
16:25Flaps 6 Selected at 370ft and 14kts
16:25Flaps 5 Selected at 370ft and 13kts
16:25Flaps 4 Selected at 370ft and 11kts
16:25Flaps 3 Selected at 370ft and 11kts
16:25Flaps 2 Selected at 370ft and 11kts
16:25Flaps 1 Selected at 370ft and 9kts
16:25Flaps Retracted at 370ft and 8kts
16:28 Brakes are On
16:28 Engine 2 Stoped
16:28 Engine 1 Stoped
16:28 Taxi Lights OFF at 370 AGL
16:28 Beacon Lights OFF at 370 AGL
Pirep logged with S7 Tracking

!!! Превышение допустимого значения вертикальной скорости при посадке: -5%

Общая оценка полета : 95%

Route Map


26.04.2018 - Flights in X-PLANE

Our client supports by S7 Pad flights as in MFSX, Prepar3d V4, and in X-PLANE 10 and 11 versions!
On our website in the category of a zagruka there is a plug-in of XPUIPIC for X-plane.
Flights pleasant to you and soft landings!



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