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Charter VA


These regulations apply to all members of the VA S7 Airlines (Siberia), regardless of their position, status, age, and moral and religious worldviews. Every employee of the airline in the course of its activities required to adhere to this charter. 1.1 OBJECTIVES VA

1.1.1 External goal - to create conditions for the association and interaction of people wishing to exercise centralized virtual flight simulator for fun.
1.1.2 Internal goal - implementation of air cargo and passenger transport routes, profit and development company.


1.2.1. Education and training of pilots.
1.2.2. Control over the quality and quantity of flights.
1.2.3. Development of network routes.
1.2.4. Involving staff.
1.2.5. Maintaining a fleet of aircraft at the proper level (replenishment, maintenance).
1.2.6. Development of airport infrastructure.
1.2.7. The organization of cooperation and exchange of experience.


The main strategy of the company is to create a comfortable working environment for pilots, by acquiring the necessary fleet, route network development around the world and united under one wing of a friendly team with common interests.
1.4 areas of the company.

The company's activities in the implementation of passenger and cargo transportation is carried out worldwide within the online network IVAO.

Virtual Airlines - is primarily the people involved in it (virtual pilots), activities (performance of virtual flights, cargo and passenger transportation management), the means to carry out this activity (Park aerial vehicles) and strapped the place where the company is based center (base airport).

Position / Title:
Student Pilot (SP): 4% of the earnings of the company.
- The first title is awarded after successful completion of the interview. Along with the title of Student Pilot receives a training allowance for one type of aircraft. After successful completion of 3 flights with the result of 100 percent pilot receives regular access to the airline's network.
Private Pilot | 30h (PP): 5% Private Pilot | 30h
Instrument Rating Pilot | 60h (IRP): 6% Instrument Rating Pilot | 60h
Commercial Pilot | 100h (CP): 7% Commercial Pilot | 100h
First Officer | 300h (FO): 8% First Officer | 300h
Captain | 500h (C): 9% Captain | 500h
ATP Captain | 700h (ATPC): 10% ATP Captain | 700h
Fleet Captain | 900h (IVAO) (FleetC): 11% Fleet Captain | 900h (IVAO)
Command Fleet Captain | 1000h (IVAO) (CFC): 12% Command Fleet Captain | 1000h (IVAO)
Route manager (RM): 12% Route manager
Flight Inspector (FIR) 12 @
Flying Legend | 1500 (IVAO) (FLegend): 13% Flying Legend | 1500 (IVAO)
Fleet Captain Airbus (FCA): 14% Fleet Captain Airbus
Fleet Captain Boeing (FCB): 14% Fleet Captain Boeing
Pilot instructor (PI): 14% Pilot instructor
Vice Chief Executive Officer (VCEO): 15% Vice Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer (CEO): 16% Special cases:
Aloof pilot - the pilot, temporarily suspended from flight (for the crash) before consideration of his case by the Commission. In case of lack of specific knowledge and skills, the pilot will be advised to undergo appropriate training.


2.1.1 Each pilot company has the right to: is flown to a category which has a tolerance. Select and book the route from the list of routes companies. Choosing to fly to the sun that the company is approved. Apply for adding a route. Apply for purchase on the aircraft. apply for flight plan (only UUDD). Apply for vacant positions in the administration of the company. Using the client program and receive an explanation from the administration. The pilot is required to calculate the fuel with the departure to the alternate
2.1.2 The administration has the right to: Immediately remove the pilot from flight operations in the cases provided for in paragraphs
6.1 6.2 6.3 this statute to determine the causes.
2.1.3 Responsibilities of the administration: Human Resources and Financial Management in the person of Vice Chief Executive Officer (VCEO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Accepts freshman studying his experience and personal data, introduces novice arrived with the basic principles of operation of the company, and by mutual consent draws it to the company and transmits pilot instructor. Engaged in the development and pricing of tickets (can edit ticket prices for routes). Recommends new directions. Analyzes the company's financial condition. Agrees with the Technical Director of the possibility of various financial transactions (purchase, rental and repair of aircraft, fuel procurement, infrastructure development). Deals with the distribution of income (salary). Develops documentation. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Vice Chief Executive Officer (VCEO), Pilot instructor (PI), Route manager (RM). Assigned rank (ranks), agree on the choice of the aircraft, open access to training flights on the selected type of aircraft, accepts applications from pilots on the development of new types of aircraft, conduct examinations and issue licenses (open access to regular flights). Monitor the overall performance of production flight pilots, flight substandard conduct analysis (requested by the pilot to provide the report) and a committee (if necessary proceedings Pilot, for example, in the crash). May suggest the dismissal of the pilots., Follow the procedure in the database of routes (classification, standardization of names). Monitor the overall network of routes (coherency and consistency, relevance). Learn the basic characteristics of the airport of destination (for compliance with the LA category went there). Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Examines the main characteristics of the aircraft. If necessary, gives advice on technical issues and the state of LA airport. In agreement with the Vice Chief Executive Officer (VCEO) the financial condition of the company produces: rent (including its extension), purchase and transportation of the aircraft. Keeps track of the lease term and, if necessary, prolongs it. Involved in the organization of sales and delivery of unneeded aircraft rental use them in other companies. Monitors the status of the aircraft and perform their timely repair. Engaged in the development of airport infrastructure, repair and maintenance work at the airport. Monitors the amount of fuel it produces timely procurement. Pilot instructor (PI). Refers to the production of flights Learning Centers (Traning S7). Systematically maintain and improve their skills in the development of aircraft and other related fields (navigation, piloting in emergency cases). Consults for the production of flights and joint training flights (by request Pilots).


2.2.1 Airlines welcomed friendly relations built on mutual respect.

2.3 VA S7 Airlines (Siberia) PROHIBITED.

2.3.1 Any form of harassment of participants, discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic lines. (in the company's conference call / online networking / social networks, etc.).

2.3.2 prohibited public statements defaming the honor of the company and its employees.

2.3.3. Prohibited the artificial suspension of the route for more than 1 day.

2.3.4 Do not artificial sun hanging on the route for a period of more than 1 day, as well as the hijacking of aircraft with the use of function - "I'm a passenger", without the consent of the administration.

2.4 incentives and penalties.

2.4.1 For the qualitative performance of operations and active participation in the life and development of the company, the administration is to promote the pilot. The shape and size is determined by the decision of the administration of the promotion.

2.4.2 Administration of the Company provides for three types of disciplinary action.

Warning Reprimand Dismissal


2.5.1 Members of the administration of the company management have priority over other pilots of the company.

3. The procedure for admission and dismissal.

3.1 ADMISSION TO THE COMPANY. Entry is possible for persons over 18 years.

3.1.1 wishing to join the carrier submits an application to join by registering on the website and select the company "S7 Airlines (Siberia) ICAO: SBI" After that, the candidate must contact the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and pass the Voice interview which should provide information about yourself, experience samolёtovozhdeniya type preference LA.

3.1.2 Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Accepts freshman studying his experience and personal data, introduces novice arrived with the basic principles of operation of the company, and by mutual consent draws it to the company and transfers Head of flights (pilot instructor).


3.2.1 For the systematic violation of the statute, the careless attitude to fly, as well as in the cases provided for in paragraph 6 of this charter pilot leaves the company without severance pay.

3.2.2 When dismissing the pilot on their own administration company pays him severance pay. The amount of benefit is determined by the administration.

4 training and licensing, training is a pilot instructor in the Educational Training Center Virtual Airlines S7 Airlines

4.1 Each student must be equipped with a textbook.

4.2 The theoretical examination. Held pilotom- instructor and cadet checks theoretical knowledge.

4.3 practical exam. For practical examinations allowed student pilot, after successful completion of the theoretically and exam.

4.4 training flight. Ending learning are training flights.


If the pilot of the VA S7 Airlines, performs a standard flight, he shall indicate in the flight plan in the "More Information»: OPR / VA S7 AIRLINES
5.1 Choice of route.

Route selection is possible according to the current schedule, as well as in the preparation of the flight plan from the management company.
5.2 SELECTION Sun The choice of the sun is only possible given the fact that the pilot was training flights and assigned the board and call.

Safety - a priority of our airline.

To the accident flight include the following event:
6.1.1 landing with a vertical speed in excess of 600 ft / min,
6.2 incidents.
The incident is classified flight accident which resulted in the loss of the company's rating was over 10 percent.

It is the collapse of any aircraft accident that resulted in the loss of the board.


26.04.2018 - Flights in X-PLANE

Our client supports by S7 Pad flights as in MFSX, Prepar3d V4, and in X-PLANE 10 and 11 versions!
On our website in the category of a zagruka there is a plug-in of XPUIPIC for X-plane.
Flights pleasant to you and soft landings!



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